Felton is no place to go hungry. There is too much generosity and abundance for that. Those of us who need more produce than we can afford might get the rest of what we need from ‘Food Distribution‘. Neighbors and local stores regularly bring surpluses to the homeless. There is very often excess that must be taken and stored by those of us with freezers and refrigerators.

The big pile of goods that was delivered to the Graham Hill Road Bridge over Zayante Creek almost two weeks ago has not yet been completely distributed to those who can use it. It will most certainly be distributed as the message that was delivered with it instructed. It will just take a bit more time for such a generous contribution. It included so much more than groceries!

Clothing and bedding are often donated to those who can use them. They are not perishable like fresh groceries are. In fact, there is presently some minor clothing and a little bit of bedding in storage. Recently, someone who was emptying out a barn brought a pickup full of bicycles to Felton Covered Bridge Park for anyone who could use one. Yes, the generosity is astounding!

That is not even the total extent of it! (But wait! There’s more!) People sometimes seek out the unemployed around town, whom they can hire for odd jobs around the farm or home. On rare occasion, some are offered more permanent jobs. Over the past many years, a few of the homeless here have even been offered temporary shelter until they found more permanent homes.

Perhaps we should not be surprised by such generosity. Many of us were generous when we had resources to share with the less fortunate. Besides, we all know what sort of Community Felton is.

Luncheon at Felton Presbyterian Church

It is THE place to be, and a few of us will be there in just two hours.

Lunch is served at noon every Tuesday at Felton Presbyterian Church.

Everyone is welcome. There is always more than enough to go around, and some of us take leftovers for later. It is usually nothing fancy, but sometimes it is, and it is always appreciated.

Some might think of it as a weekly luncheon for the homeless who lack adequate food or the ability to cook decently. Some of us receive clothing, toiletries, bedding or even tarps or tents that are donated by parishioners. Some get referrals for employment or housing. However, only a few who attend are homeless. Many attend because so many of our friends are there. It is a great place for social networking and catching up on local news.

It really is the sort of Community that a Church should be, even though only a few of us who attend luncheon are parishioners of Felton Presbyterian Church. The generosity and compassion are astounding. I would mention a few more examples, but do not want to promote exploitation of the realistically limited resources.

Luncheon at Saint John’s Catholic Church is around noon every Thursday, just after Food Distribution at Community Bridges (or Mountain Community Resources [MCR]), but that is a topic for another time.

Well, as I mentioned above, lunch will be in about two hours. Some of us get there as much an hour early for coffee and pastries. I like to get to town about an hour prior to that, shortly after ten or so, just to catch up on the goings on, and to see if anyone is in need of anything that we can track down. Therefore, I should be on my way. Good Day!

Felton League

Apologies for not explaining what this blog is about earlier. I did not expect visitors so immediately after posting the first article. It will be several days before I am able to develop the basics of the blog, and write something for the ‘ABOUT’ section. Until then, I will post this article below, which is actually from my gardening blog. It briefly explains what I will be doing here.

When I started posting my weekly gardening articles here, along with a few other odds and ends, I reserved the right to occasionally post articles or information that is not directly related to horticulture. I do not do it often, but I will do it now, in order to briefly explain another blog that I started today.
Felton League
It will feature articles and insight about the distinguished small group of displaced or socially marginalized people and their friends in Felton in California. In other words, it will be about our homeless Community.
In about 2013, at a time when the homeless were more openly persecuted and assaulted, and evenly violently attacked, Felton League began as an informational forum on Facebook. We had been discouraged by the portrayal of the homeless in other so-called ‘community’ groups. Disparaging pictures, often contrived, were shared openly for the amusement of haters. This is common on the pages of our local law enforcement agencies.
Well, that seemed like a good idea. We started sharing pictures of those taking pictures of us, and describing how they stalked us for the sake of taking such pictures. They did not like that, and accused us of stalking, harassment, and all sorts of nonsense. They were also much more careful about how they stalked us.
In fact, the stalking subsided so much shortly after the establishment of Felton League, that the page was almost deleted. Instead, it remained as a Community forum for topics that were of interest to our segment of the Community. It was designed to appeal to less than one percent of the populace, most of whom do not use Facebook, but gained quite a following. There were nearly a hundred followers, but less than a dozen homeless.
That seemed rather odd, especially since a local hate group that specializes in the derision of the homeless, and claiming to represent ‘everyone’ in town, had only about three dozen followers when an associate checked in on them about a month ago. It became obvious that others beyond our Community appreciate the insight.
It is now time to expand Felton League. I hope that this blog makes it more available to a broader audience. I will not post daily. Nor will I discuss certain local events and news that are not directly related to our distinguished small group. As unpleasant as homelessness is, I hope that readers find Felton League to be insightful and perhaps, in some ways, encouraging.
The three men in the pictures above and below are three old friends and members of our Community who have passed away since the establishment of Felton League, and are three of the reasons why I continue to write.