Anti-Community Garden

Again, I am reblogging a post from my gardening blog. This one happens to be from December 9, 2017. There are actually a few more articles of the gardening blog that would be relevant here (which is partly why I established a second blog).

Tony Tomeo

P71217Isn’t this a delightful meadow? It is located right across from the historic Felton Covered Bridge ( The trail to the left goes up the embankment into the parking lot of the old County Bank Building, right downtown. On a warm day, it is a nice cool short cut to the Felton Covered Bridge Park, just over the San Lorenzo River.

You should have seen it a few years ago. It was not such a nicely inviting meadow, but was instead an excellent collection of small garden plots within a fenced Community Garden that deer could not get into. There were about nine small olive trees behind the fenced area. The stumps in the foreground and to the left were two small curly willows. People living in apartments or where the shade of the surrounding mountains and redwood forests prevented gardening could rent parcels here to grow vegetables, flowers or…

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6 thoughts on “Anti-Community Garden

  1. How terribly sad that a community garden was destroyed and the trees in what seems to have been a delightful park/garden area were cut down. Community gardens are such positive places for those who use them — those who live in buildings or other homes without gardens, and those who are homeless — both in providing food and for flowers to brighten their homes.

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  2. Fortunately, the meadow is nice too. Neighbors removed all but a few of the unsightly ‘NO TRESPASSING’ signs. Yes, such destruction is sad. It is even more sad that it is caused by the severe animosity of just a few people, directed at others in our Community.

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  3. As I wrote the above comment, there was a news report of “cleaning up” a homeless encampment in Santa Ana along unused railroad tracks. 16 people were “evicted,” with one arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia. There were concerned comments made in the report about the extent of the problem — “you can’t make people do what they don’t want to do,” etc., but nothing that sounded like the serious animosity you referred to.

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  4. The news does not express such animosity. That happens in hate groups on social media. Just like the old fashioned hate groups targeted (primarily) ethnic groups within the Community, some modern hate groups target the homeless and their associates, and blame them for all that is wrong with society. That is what that comment you saw the other day was about.

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  5. There is clearly a multitude of societal problems leading to homelessness — addiction, loss of employment, underpaid employment, mental illness, increasing cost of housing, increasing unavailability of housing (affordable or not), I am not sure there is a single solution — each of the causes may or may not have its own solution. I definitely appreciate your sensitive exposition of the issues involved.

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  6. There is no single solution. Furthermore, what seems to be solutions in some Communities or for some particular applications does not work everywhere or for every situation. That is why our group does not promote many ‘suggestions’ that, in some cases, trivialize homelessness. We merely provide insight into our Community, and try to dispel the myths and exaggerations perpetuated by the fearful and hateful.

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