Memorial Day

Seriously, I DO intend to actually write new material for this blog. I am very sorry that I have not done so yet. Facebook was so much easier because I did not feel so obligated to write anything if there was no news. There were often weeks between postings. For now, I will again reblog another article from my gardening blog, and again, this one is probably just as relevant here as it is there. It is about the Felton Remembers Parade and Covered Bridge Festival of last year, and very briefly mentions our little Memorial Tree in Felton Covered Bridge Park. Today happens to be the day for the Felton Remembers Parade and Covered Bridge Festival for this year.

I will probably share a few more relevant article from the gardening blog over the next few days or weeks.

Tony Tomeo


Tomorrow is Memorial Day. Yesterday was the Felton Remembers Parade and Covered Bridge Festival, which is how Memorial Day is celebrated in Felton. It was a celebration worthy of Memorial Day, with plenty of music, crafts and expensive but unhealthful food to go with it. All that was lacking was that which is ‘memorial’. It seems that we have forgotten about that which we should never forget.

There were plenty of classic cars to provide memories of how stylish cars had been. There was a Boy Scout Troop to conduct the Flag Raising Ceremony at the main interchange of Highway 9 and Empire Grade Road to provide memories of when we still respected the American Flag and traditions associated with it. We were reminded of who our local politician are, and that we are still procuring funds for a new library, and that there are too many clubs for hateful…

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