Coastal Cleanup Day – Saturday, September 21, 2019

Coastal Cleanup Day is an ‘international day of volunteer action’; but we notice it most locally, as volunteers are out collecting trash and debris throughout the watershed of the San Lorenzo River. So much gets cleaned up and taken away in just three hours from 9:00 a.m. to noon!

Because there are fewer of us in our small Group than there had been before, there are fewer of us to attend. Two who so dutifully participated annually, as well as with most other cleanup events, now reside in Copperopolis, so will not participate locally. Another is temporarily in Morgan Hill, and works on Saturday.

This year, only one, or perhaps two from our Group will be participating, but will likely be going to Capitola to do so with friends. Of course, there are often those who do not plan to attend, but end up directing participants to areas of significant debris accumulation, and helping with the collection of such debris.

Statistically, for our small Group, that is still rather good attendance. If we estimate that there are about fifteen of us now, and one of fifteen participates in Coastal Cleanup Day, that is 7% of our total. 7% of the approximately 4,000 people of Felton would be 267 volunteers! There would not be enough trash and debris for that many to share.

In the past, when there were approximately twenty of us, at least two of us participated annually. There were more typically three or four of us. That is a minimum of %10.

Perhaps one of the few disadvantages to the many advantages of several of us procuring employment and housing, and some of us relocating to do so, is that there are not quite so many of us to participate in events such as the Coastal Cleanup Day.

6 thoughts on “Coastal Cleanup Day – Saturday, September 21, 2019

  1. There were some concerns that our day’s sites would be limited because of Tropical Storm Imelda, but I believe there are only two beaches that remain inaccessible at this point. The work continues!

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  2. Oh, I did not participate in the main event. I was at work. Some of those who participate collect debris randomly throughout the year. I must sometimes collect their bagged trash and dispose of it.

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  3. That’s ok — there’s enough trash on the beaches that it needs to be cleaned up almost on a daily basis, and I’m glad you can at least help with the disposal of the trash. Sorry I misread your post, but I do appreciate your taking what part in it you can!

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  4. Oh, it is no problem.
    The homeless in our Community are more involved with collection of debris than most realize. Yet, there are a few who blame the homeless for all the litter and pollution. Statistically, most of the trash is found along roadsides, where it blows or falls from open pickups, or is dumped intentionally. Haters take pictures of piles of debris that were obviously dumped on the side of the road, and blame the homeless; as if the homeless could dump such large items as washing machines and refrigerators.


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