The little Memorial Tree was found to be askew late Wednesday afternoon.

This would have been an ideal time for a seasonal update on the little Memorial Tree in Felton Covered Bridge Park. Until recently, it had been healthier and growing more vigorously than it had since it was installed a few years ago. It had survived major accidental damage, and was just beginning to thrive. Sadly though, it was so severely vandalized that recovery is unlikely.

About a month ago, someone was seen briefly rummaging about the base of the tree, as if retrieving something that was dropped. Upon closer inspection, the observer noticed what seemed to be some sort of fertilizer, which was not considered to be a problem. A few days later, someone else recognized it as common salt, which is toxic to young plants, and promptly removed it.

Last Wednesday, the Memorial Tree was observed to be askew and separated from its supportive stake, which seemed to be the sort of minor damage incurred by something as simple as a dog getting its leash tangled with it. However, as the tree was straightened and staked, three fresh saw cuts were observed in the trunk. Each cut severed the trunk about half way through.

A vandal is intent on depriving the Community of this Memorial Tree. That is what vandals do. They destroy assets, which are very commonly assets of Society. Of all the Memorial Trees in Felton Covered Bridge Park, this specific vandal specifically targeted the Memorial Tree that was contributed to Society by the Homeless of Felton, who innately have the least to contribute.

We will consult with the Santa Cruz County Parks Department this week about the future of this Memorial Tree or its potential replacement. However, the next Memorial Tree will likely be a Memorial Grove of several coast live oaks, perhaps with cedars to the east and west, in a less accessible but very visually prominent location near the western end of Mount Hermon Road.

Although the Memorial Tree initially seemed to be undamaged, three major cuts were found in the trunk.

17 thoughts on “Vandalism

  1. It’s as thought they hoped salt and cutting wouldn’t be noticed once the tree was dead. It would be chalked up to just a tree dying. They had to come prepared, which makes it worse to me than random vandalism.

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  2. I read this before but didn’t comment (I thought I had). That is always my fear if someone doesn’t like me, or is mad about a liberal political sign in my yard, that they will hurt my plants by spraying weed killer or something. That’s what I think of before I imagine any harm to myself! I do like your replacement idea, and I hope it came to fruition.

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  3. No, but only because the original Memorial Tree is remarkably healthy!
    Another personalized Memorial Tree was planted last May.
    Of course, that does not mean that we will not plant more Memorial Trees for others, and I just might plant a grove of such trees on a vacant parcel that is visible on the main road between here and Scott’s Valley.

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