Advantages Of Homelessness

Many of the disadvantages of homelessness are obvious. There are many more that are not so obvious. Those who have experienced homelessness would not likely recommend it to others who have not experienced it.

Domestic lifestyles are generally more pleasant, and generally afford more options for correction of that which might be unpleasant about them.

Yet, those with securely domestic lifestyles commonly complain about what their lifestyles entail. Furthermore, they sometimes attempt to correct perceived deficiencies of their respective lifestyles by unproductive means.

Some of the homeless are just as likely to comment on some of the advantages of homelessness, and often express gratitude for assistance from those with securely domestic lifestyles.

The main advantage of homelessness might be the lack of major expenses, such as mortgages and rents. The associated costs of property taxes and home owners’ insurance are also negated. Most of the homeless lack cars, so need not pay for gasoline or automotive insurance. Even fewer owe monthly payments for automotive loans. The cost of living homeless is quite minimal.

A less obvious advantage of homelessness is the opportunity to experience and benefit from the incredible generosity and compassion of the Community. It is how those of us with the least resources somehow manage to procure what we need. No one goes hungry for long here. Everyone seems to get enough clothing. Some are offered gainful employment.

In fact, many of the homeless acquire significantly more than minimal necessities. During the past several years, several local homeless people were able to relocate for employment or stable domestic situations because of the financial assistance of others. Some were given tools necessary for employment, or even vehicles with which to get to employment.

Many who perceive homelessness to be a problem take the initiative to be proactive about it.

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