Hypocrisy – Mugshot

It may be a few more weeks before I am able to continue writing for this blog. For now, this old article will be recycled like those of the previous few weeks were. I am very sorry that I can not write anything new at this time. There is presently quite a bit to write about. I may post a brief article in the middle of the week about how some of those who are homeless because of the CZU Lightening Complex Fire are procuring temporary homes locally.

Felton League

There is a reason why no illustration accompanies this post. The picture that I wanted to use is just too unflattering.

It is a mugshot of an old friend who had been arrested for trying to get into a car that he believed belonged to his nephew, and then getting combative with Santa Cruz Police Officers who tried to stop him from doing so. He had been missing for three days prior to that, after escaping from the post acute care facility where he lived near the end of his life as he succumbed to a variety of ailments, particularly lung cancer and dementia.

We do not know where he had been or what he had been
doing during those days that he was missing. He could not explain any
of it. He was very tired and very hungry, and looked ghastly by the
time he was found. Fortunately, the…

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