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Apologies for not writing something new for this week. There is no excuse this time, since I actually had a slight bit of time to write something. I just happened to lose track of the days, and thought that today was Saturday. This recycled article seems to be quite out of date, while so many of us are unable to work, and some are consequently unable to afford mortgages and rents. However, miraculously, the situations here are not as bad as they could have been or were projected to get.

Felton League

Why do local politician get blamed for homelessness here? Did one of them evict someone from a formerly functional domestic situation, . . . or several someones? Did a local politician cause people to become unemployed and consequently unable to afford their respective mortgages or rent? Did just one politician somehow contribute to anyone else’s personal social dysfunction?

Well, like I said earlier, blame is easy.

Now that the rate of homelessness here continues to decline, will local politicians get the credit? Will anyone thank them for the locally declining unemployment rate? Should there be at least some scrap of acknowledgment of the effort devoted to improvement of local homeless shelters? Will we merely take all of it for granted, and find something else to blame local politician for?

Apparently, gratitude is not as easy as blame is.

Politicians have enough to be concerned about without being blamed for other…

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