Apologies for neglecting to post this last night as is typically done!
Unfortunately, I must continue to recycle these old articles until my situation becomes less hectic than it presently is. Now that it is Monday morning, I have even less time to write than I did last night!
This article is nearly a year old, from a time at the beginning of the current ‘situation’. Although still relevant, it will very hopefully be irrelevant soon. Fortunately, some of the problems that were expected did not develop.

Felton League

The font of the sermonette on the other side is too small to get a good picture of.

That is an order! . . . but not just any order. It is an official California State Order. Most of us have been doing rather well with it from the onset. Many of us are unable to go to work anyway. We might be catching up on some of the many chores we have been neglecting, and maybe wondering how to pay the bills if our income stops. It is a uniquely troubling time, to say the least.

What about those of us who lack homes? Avoidance of others is facilitated by so many others staying at home where they belong. Otherwise, social distancing is the best we can do. Even that is quite difficult for those who live in very close proximity to others in the same situation. Because of…

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