Firewood is just as relevant now as it was when this recycled article originally posted, but, for now, may not be so readily available. Ironic, is it not. So many who might otherwise be cutting and splitting wood are busy with vegetation management and removal of debris that was generated by the CZU Fire last summer. Much of the vegetation and debris gets processed into firewood immediately, but much gets stockpiled for later processing. Furthermore, a few of the most proficient wood cutters have temporarily relocated for other employment. There should be a surplus of firewood after everyone get what they need. It just might be processed and procured a bit differently than it typically is.

Felton League

Some of us have done good business with firewood. Only a few have cut, split and sold it as a career. More have done so temporarily between occupations. There are always trees that need to be removed. There is also a seasonal need for firewood. The work is not easy, but it can be somewhat lucrative, which is helpful for those lacking better income.

The quantity of firewood consumed locally must be significantly less than what is consumed in harsher climates. Winters are neither very cold, nor very long here. That is why trees need not be cut down just for firewood. Plenty of firewood is retrieved from trees that fall or need to be removed. Nonetheless, there is plenty of work processing firewood for those who want it.

Firewood season never ends here. No one is in a rush to get their wood stacked before spring so that it…

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