My intention for this week was to write about why I have not been writing much for this blog, and why I may be writing even less in the future. Ironically, I ran out of time to do so. Well, a lack of time is not the only reason for my inability to compose new articles. There are actually a few other reasons, and not all are ‘bad’. In fact, one reason is a lack of interesting ‘problems’ that I typically wrote about in the past. So many within our Community have so significantly improved their particular situations. Well, for now, I will recycle this old article.

Felton League

From Karen

Seriously, that was her name. Karen. It was printed on her discarded baseball cap that was in the box of assorted trash that she tossed off the Graham Hill Road Bridge over Zayante Creek. There was some paperwork in the box too, which provided a bit more information. I was on the telephone and across the road at the gate of the industrial yard from where I work for part of the week when I saw her drop the box from the Bridge. I could neither yell to her while on the telephone, nor immediately end the call.

I did contact the sheriff though, as I walked across the road after ending the previous call. Prior to the discovery of identifying material, I doubted that anything could be done about the situation. Also, I did not want to trouble anyone with something that nothing could be done about…

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