Bad Journalism

Very coincidentally, this recycled article is in regard to some of what I would have written about if I had written an article for this week. It explains both my inability to commit to the continuation of this blog, as well as the lack of relevant topics to discuss within the context of this blog. As I exhaust the supply of older articles to recycle, while simultaneously neglecting to compose newer articles, it has become obvious that this blog was essentially discontinued quite a while ago. Although a few more older articles may continue to be recycled here during the next few weeks, I will not likely compose additional articles. My erratically diverted career continues to evolve and become more interesting. The collective social situation of the socially disadvantaged Community of Felton generally continues to improve. It is therefore appropriate to formally discontinue this blog at Felton League.

Felton League

There are two primary reasons why the brief articles that post here have been of less than exemplary quality for the past year or so. Actually, they have been of rather substandard quality. (Okay, they have been downright ‘bad’.) I would prefer to avoid such unpleasant description; but that would merely defer the obvious.

Firstly, the second of the two primary reasons for the compromised quality of posts here is the lack of time to devote to composing them. I am simply overworked. It is a long and irrelevant story. To be brief, I continue to write horticultural articles for a few newspapers between San Francisco and the Los Angeles Region, while also working as many as three days weekly to help maintain landscapes at a local Conference Center. I know that I should retire from such writing, but can not bear to do so. Nor do I want to…

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