Inclimate Weather

Many of us are not old enough to remember such strange weather. Flooding comparable to that of the first several days of the year had not been observed here since 1982. For some locations near here, snow comparable to that of a few days ago had not been observed since 1976. Both flooding and snow are rare here. Both occurring during the same winter is much more rare. It may not have happened in recorded history.

Although both flooding and snow were significant problems for some of us here, most of us were safe, warm and dry within our respective homes. Relative to the thousands who live here, only a minor ratio was detrimentally affected. A few of this minor ratio sustained minimal losses, or none at all, merely because they lack homes and an abundance of possessions. However, those who lack homes are nonetheless affected by inclement weather because they are so much more exposed to the weather than anyone else.

It is easy to complain about bringing firewood in, or the cost of propane for heating. Yet, the alternatives are likely worse. A few within our Community lack a means with which to warm their living situations. They neither bring in firewood nor pay for propane, but are exposed to cold weather without shelter within a domicile. Tents provide minimal shelter from rain and, only recently, snow, but are very confining.

Rain is forecast to continue through Tuesday, and then resume on Saturday. Also, the weather is expected to be rather cool, with frost possible for Thursday morning. Fortunately for those who lack shelter here, the weather is relatively mild. It gets rainier and significantly cooler in other regions of America. Also, at this time of year, the weather gradually gets warmer and drier as winter becomes spring.

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