Ah, this recycled article is another of my favorites.

Felton League

As a casual and almost outside observer, I am fascinated by the lifestyles of others. I happen to be quite pleased with my lifestyle, but can totally understand why it would be unappealing to most. Also, I can understand why others are pleased with their particular lifestyles, although such lifestyles do not appeal to me.

It baffles me though, that some believe that their particular lifestyles should be desirable to everyone else. I would not recommend a lifestyle as simple and primitive as mine to anyone who would not appreciate it. I appreciate the same courtesy. It is presumptuous for someone to recommend a more complicated and modern lifestyle to me merely because it is what most supposedly prefer.

Besides, I do not observe many who are any happier with their particular lifestyle than I am with mine. To the contrary, I observe many who are less satisfied with their…

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2 thoughts on “Lifestyles

  1. It baffles me that such stories get so much regard. I mean, this should be obvious. I sort of wonder about the others though. I believe that I am acquainted with more rich rich people than poor poor people. Heck, I really do not know of any completely poor poor people, and I am acquainted with many people who lack assets.

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