There’s No Place Like Home . . . Really!

Well, things did not go as planned since this recycled article originally posted late in January. I went to the Pacific Northwest so late that I returned only a week ago. Because it is now too late to go to Southern California and Arizona prior to May, that trip may need to be delayed until autumn. I enjoy the trips regardless. I should write about my observations of what seems to be improvement within the homelessness situation in Oregon. That is another topic for another post (on this discontinued blog) though.

Felton League

Prior to March, I intend to return to the Pacific Northwest for two weeks. Prior to May, I hope to return to Southern California and continue almost to Phoenix for two weeks. I am confident that both trips will be very enjoyable. They always are. I should enjoy such trips more often, and perhaps go to a few places that I have not been to yet.

I have already been to some rather excellent places, and experienced many of them more intimately than average tourists do. I explored Steinbeck’s favorite sites in Monterey with a direct descendent of some of the first Spanish people to arrive there. I camped in an abandoned home with rain seeping through the ceiling west of Portland just to enjoy time with my uncle. I have visited homes of celebrities in the Los Angeles region simply by following my colleague to his projects. All of…

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