Luncheon at Felton Presbyterian Church

It is THE place to be, and a few of us will be there in just two hours.

Lunch is served at noon every Tuesday at Felton Presbyterian Church.

Everyone is welcome. There is always more than enough to go around, and some of us take leftovers for later. It is usually nothing fancy, but sometimes it is, and it is always appreciated.

Some might think of it as a weekly luncheon for the homeless who lack adequate food or the ability to cook decently. Some of us receive clothing, toiletries, bedding or even tarps or tents that are donated by parishioners. Some get referrals for employment or housing. However, only a few who attend are homeless. Many attend because so many of our friends are there. It is a great place for social networking and catching up on local news.

It really is the sort of Community that a Church should be, even though only a few of us who attend luncheon are parishioners of Felton Presbyterian Church. The generosity and compassion are astounding. I would mention a few more examples, but do not want to promote exploitation of the realistically limited resources.

Luncheon at Saint John’s Catholic Church is around noon every Thursday, just after Food Distribution at Community Bridges (or Mountain Community Resources [MCR]), but that is a topic for another time.

Well, as I mentioned above, lunch will be in about two hours. Some of us get there as much an hour early for coffee and pastries. I like to get to town about an hour prior to that, shortly after ten or so, just to catch up on the goings on, and to see if anyone is in need of anything that we can track down. Therefore, I should be on my way. Good Day!

2 thoughts on “Luncheon at Felton Presbyterian Church

  1. This is so lovely. Food pantries have their place, but a chance to actually sit down with others, eat, exchange information, and just generally enjoy one anothers company — those are the things that help people maintain their sense of dignity and humanity.

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