Hypocrisy – Reefer Madness

It is a standard component of the culture of modern hate groups that target the homeless, as well as every hate group that has tormented society throughout history. I could make a meme of it – ‘Hypocrisy’.

The first hateful comment ever on my gardening blog reminded me of an essay about hypocrisy that was posted on, and then promptly deleted from, the Facebook page of Felton League more than a year ago. It was deleted because someone found it to be objectionable, even after it had been edited for appropriateness of content at least twice. The hateful comment can be found here, as the seventh of the original reader comments (not including replies).

There is not much original material to the essay. It is merely a collection of seventeen reviews from Yelp, which were written by the same yelper, preceded by the excerpt that is posted below. Only the portion that is posted below was written by the author, not by the yelper who posted the reviews. This portion simply explains the significance of the seventeen reviews on Yelp. It is difficult to follow since it was so severely edited here.

The seventeen reviews from Yelp are not included here because they are not as important as what the original essay is about, which is clarified in the last paragraph.

If, after reading the excerpt of the essay below, you are wondering what was so objectionable about the essay, you are not alone. I should explain that the single person who found it to be objectionable was the same who wrote the reviews on Yelp. Yes, they are on Yelp, for everyone to see, but apparently not to be quoted as seventeen examples of hypocrisy.

This is the excerpt:

This is how haters roll.

ALL SEVENTEEN of these reviews of marijuana dispensaries are from the same Yelp account of (name deleted)! Yeah, that’s a lot of marijuana dispensaries for one person! There could be more that she didn’t leave reviews for. Four were updated, and one was updated twice. Review #8 says, “(deleted)” Review #14 says, “(deleted)(name deleted) goes through a lot of marijuana! By the way, (name deleted) is (age deleted) now, so so was in her early teens in the early 1980s when (she said) she started going to (business name deleted) that she left review #16 for. She turned (age deleted) in 1980.

This isn’t the first long list of reviews for marijuana dispensaries from (name deleted). She did it on Facebook too, but deleted the reviews when asked about her marijuana and alcohol use. Yeah, she also wrote reviews for some of the bars and clubs that she frequented, and talked jokingly about getting stumbling drunk before driving home. Yeah, so not something to joke about. Anyway, those reviews are gone now, and the Yelp reviews pasted here will probably get deleted too now that she knows that we know who she is. We’ve known since she left a unique review for one of our friends some years back. She went by (name deleted) for a while, and then (name deleted). FFE keeps a fat file on her.

So, why is this important to us? (name deleted) publicly accuses all homeless people of constantly smoking marijuana, and it’s one of many reasons that she and her few hater friends want the homeless exterminated. HYPOCRISY!

Incidentally, the Yelper who left these seventeen reviews for marijuana dispensaries supposedly left reviews for four more marijuna dispensaries just since this essay was posted about a year ago, although I did not bother to confirm this report. Seventeen is already way too many for someone who accuses everyone within a targeted group of excessive use of marijuana.

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