CZU Lightning Complex Fires

Boulder Creek was evacuated yesterday because of the advancing CZU Lightning Complex Fires that were started just after midnight on August 16. Brookdale and Ben Lomond were evacuated later. Evacuation of Felton began early this morning, less than a day after some of those evacuated from the other Communities had set up camp around town.

Ash and burned leaves had been falling from the sky in several regions, particularly between Los Gatos and Scott’s Valley. Smoke is unusually thick, and had been heavier in the Santa Clara Valley than forest fire smoke had ever been in history.

More information can be found online. However, accurate and practical information is scarce. Presently, some ‘updated’ maps show that the fires are confined to the same few acres near the coast. Others show three larger but still confined fires. The current extent of the fires or combined fire is unknown.

This is an unsettling situation to say the least. These fires have already burned several homes, and will likely burn more, leaving several or many people homeless.

6 thoughts on “CZU Lightning Complex Fires

  1. Thank you for this update, sketchy as it is! I’ve been worried about you, and glad to hear that you’re safe. The situation sounds really terrible — do stay safe, and keep us updated. SoCal has stabilized somewhat — a little cooler today, I think, and no new fires — just brown skies!

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  2. Thanks so much for checking in, Tony. I’ve been wondering about you, and hoping that you were safe. Thanks, too, for providing the name of the fire complex. I’m not on Facebook, but I found it as a hashtag on Twitter, and can follow developments there. I wish the tropical systems heading for Texas next week could get pulled that direction and drop some rain.

    Stay safe.

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  3. It is frustrating to not know what is going on in my own region, especially while there is so much modern technology to provide accurate information.


  4. I am confident that the region will be safe. The evacuation is necessary because of the potential for what could happen, and because there are so few roads out of the region. (Of course, it will be a tense time.)

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