Food Distribution

Apologies for not posting a new article on schedule last night. As I mentioned a few times during the past few weeks, I will not be able to write new articles for quite a while. Old articles will instead be recycled until I can resume writing. This article is more than a year old. I am very sorry that I can not write about the CZU Lightning Complex Fire now. Even if I had time to write about it, I lack information. I left the region a day prior to the evacuations, and am now just as unable to return as everyone else.

Felton League

No one goes hungry here. Many of us live in poverty. Our lifestyles would be considered to be substandard to most. Yet, we have it pretty good. The generosity of our Community is astounding! Not only is there plenty of food available, but some of it is abundant enough for those with kitchens to can and freeze some of it.

We know how fortunate we are. Not all Communities have the
resources to be so generous.

Some of the food that we get is donated by local supermarkets and
stores. Sushi that is leftover from the day before gets delivered to
Felton Covered Bridge Park a few mornings through the week. It may
not be much, but it is often more than enough for the few there to
take it. Bags of bakery items do not arrive as frequently as they
used to, just because it got to be so…

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