It is still to early for me to resume blogging here. For now, I must again recycle an old article from last year. This one may seem to be relevant to how the local Community is responding to the destruction of so many homes by the CZU Lightening Complex Fire.

Felton League

Trona is the sort of place than not many of us have ever heard of,
even though it is only about 275 miles away in the Mojave Desert,
right here in California. It does not look like much from satellite.
It must look like so much more to the nearly 2,000 people who live
there. It is their home, just like Felton is ours.

Trona is suddenly in the news, after the moderate but significant earthquake that occurred there on the Fourth of July, and the even more significant earthquake that occurred there yesterday morning. The second of these two earthquakes was stronger than the Loma Prieta Earthquake that destroyed so many home here in 1989. Aftershocks will continue for a long time, and there is a potential for even more significant earthquakes.

There is not as much damage in the Trona region as there was here
after the Loma…

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