This could be the first week in a long time that I no longer need to recycle old articles such as this one, and resume writing new articles. I do not yet know. I should know by Sunday.
Anyway, this is a delightful article from a time when such topics were more important among those who were homeless. Very few who were homeless then remain homeless now. Instead, the innate generosity of the community is now more important to those who lost their homes to the CZU Lightening Complex Fire.

Felton League

Felton is no place to go hungry. There is too much generosity and abundance for that. Those of us who need more produce than we can afford might get the rest of what we need from ‘Food Distribution‘. Neighbors and local stores regularly bring surpluses to the homeless. There is very often excess that must be taken and stored by those of us with freezers and refrigerators.

The big pile of goods that was delivered to the Graham Hill Road Bridge over Zayante Creek almost two weeks ago has not yet been completely distributed to those who can use it. It will most certainly be distributed as the message that was delivered with it instructed. It will just take a bit more time for such a generous contribution. It included so much more than groceries!

Clothing and bedding are often donated
to those who can use them. They…

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