Hypocrisy – Hate Groups

I am sorry to say that this will not be the week that I resume writing new articles for this blog, as I hoped for last week. The situation here is still a bit hectic, and even if it happens to get less hectic by next week, it will get hectic again in December, when I should (but will not) be working in three different states all at the same time, while also attending to my other writing and work here. For now, I will recycle another old article. There are so many topics that I should write about now. I am told that there are a few discussions in the Facebook group that I should also write about. Unfortunately, other obligations continue to limit my ability to do so.

Felton League

How disappointing it is, that after so many historic atrocities performed by various hate groups throughout history, some of us continue to find such primitive barbarism to be appealing. We should be better than this. Yet, some of us continue to be prejudiced against those who are even slightly different from us. A few use this prejudice to justify discrimination and even violence.

Not too long ago, violence directed at
local homeless people, although rare, was not as rare as it should
have been. Until about 2014, people were still getting attacked and
beaten up as they tried to sleep. One was shot at in her camper.
Another was shot at with a flare gun, and a few weeks later, covered
with paper and ignited as he tried to sleep. Verbal assaults were

What is such behavior supposed to
accomplish? Why do minor social groups condone and even encourage

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