MAJOR apologies for not posting anything for Sunday as I typically do. As overworked as I am, I actually had a slight bit of time to write something new, but instead forgot about my obligation, and took some time off. Now, two days later, all that I can do is recycle another article. It would have been more relevant earlier, when the first rain of the season arrived.

Felton League

Wasn’t that what the forecast was? There was a 9% chance of precipitation over night? I know it is difficult to say. With all the modern technology available for such predictions, such figures change constantly. Regardless, most of us don’ t take a 9% chance of precipitation seriously. It rarely means anything, and even when it does, it is rarely more than a few drops off the eaves.

Realistically, what came through early
this morning was not much more than a few drops off the eaves, but it
was enough to remind us of what time of year this is. Pleasantly warm
and dry weather is predicted through the week. In October though, the
weather can be expected to slowly get cooler and wetter. It is
impossible to say when it will rain next, but we know that it will.

Fortunately, there are very few of us
who presently lack…

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