Too Much Of A Good Thing

This topic is less of a concern now than it was when this article posted about a year ago. Although almost outdated, it is a reminder of minor social improvements. Those who share resources are more aware of how to do so with less potential for minor problems. Resources are more efficiently distributed and, if necessary, stored for those who can eventually benefit from them.

Felton League

Generosity is a good thing. There happens to be an abundance of it here. In conjunction with the many other good things about our Community, the abundant generosity is what keeps a few of us from going hungry. Those who might happen to get into a bad situation several days before food distribution can easily find other meal and food programs nearby to stay well fed.

Sometimes, food even gets left for us
at the picnic table near the parking lot at Felton Covered Bridge
Park. Some of it is surplus from earlier events in the park, such as
a birthday party or a picnic. On rare occasion, surplus food is
delivered from events somewhere else, such as a wedding reception or
a staff meeting. People actually go ‘that’ out of their way to share
surplus food!

Generosity is certainly nothing new here. I wrote about it not too long…

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