Misconceptions – Immigration

MAJOR apologies! Contrary to what I said last week, I actually had sufficient time between other obligations to write a brief post for this week. I was just distracted with something else. Presently, there is plenty to be distracted with, as I am behind schedule with a variety of obligations. Again, I am sorry to say, I will recycle another post from last year.

Felton League

‘Misconceptions’ could become another category for this blog, like ‘Hypocrisy’. There is quite a bit to write about that could be categorized as such. It would be more relevant and interesting than the ‘Hypocrisy’ category, especially if the ‘Hypocrisy’ category is eventually deleted, as has been suggested. Furthermore, ‘Misconceptions’ would be less objectionable than ‘Hypocrisy’.

‘Immigration’, for example, is an
interesting topic that is unobjectionably relevant to homelessness,
but only because of the misconception that most homeless people here
immigrated with the intention of being homeless. This misconception
is obviously perpetuated by those who are not very acquainted with
homeless people, particularly the local homeless residents of Felton.

There are certainly more homeless
people in California than elsewhere. There should be. There are more
people of all sorts in California than elsewhere. California is the
most populous state. Because real estate here is more expensive than
all but only a…

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