Hypocrisy – A Predictable Pattern

There was a slight bit of spare time last Thursday or so that I should have exploited to write a post for this week. Well, I did not. Now, again, I must reblog an old article from last year. I will be too busy to write again this week, and may need to go down South for a while. Posts for my other blog are recycled as well, and scheduled in advance. Apologies for the redundancies.

Felton League

Haters who stalk us are predictable. Their techniques are so similar. It is as if they all study the same standardized instruction manual for proper techniques of hatred, as well as hypocrisy.

For example, they all engage in
stalking of some sort, in order to find information they can use to
either irrelevantly shame their victims, or modify for the same
effect. If they find nothing of interest, they lie to create scandal
regarding fictitious nefarious behavior. Yet, anyone who questions
them about their own similar but real and observable behavior, they
accuse of stalking.

Some of us, years ago, were pursued by
haters who took photographs of us to post and ridicule online. When a
few of us photographed those photographing us, we were accused of
stalking. The difference with how such photographs were obtained is
that they were pursuing or stalking us, but we were not pursuing

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