Live In Fear II

Again, it is necessary to recycle an old article. Not only do I lack time for writing, but I also lack topics to write about. That second limitation is actually good, since so much of what I wrote about in the past was bad. Perhaps I should write more about how well so many of us have been doing during the past several years, . . . later. For now, this recycled article, which seems to continue from last week, actually continues from the article of three weeks ago.

Felton League

“Those who choose to live in fear have the option of relocating to someplace where they do not need to live in fear.” I mentioned this last week, with a few examples of unpleasantries that those who choose to live in fear might otherwise choose to emigrate from. One example that I mentioned was, “If they fear houseless people, (…), they can relocate to someplace that is unpopular with (…) houseless people (…).

Does that seem harsh? It should not. Some of those who choose live in fear of the houseless commonly suggest that the houseless should relocate in order to accommodate them. If this is so easy or such a practical concept, then it should be just as easy or practical for those who choose to live in fear of the houseless.

After all, and contrary to what those who live in fear of the houseless claim, the majority…

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