Live In Fear III

This blog evolved from another (sort of) blog that was established partly to share insight regarding the innate problems of local homelessness. Since then, such problems have diminished. Actually, there has not been much to write about for a long time. That is good. Actually, it is awesome. Homelessness is not such a major problem within the local Community as it had been only a few years ago. Most who had been homeless are not only doing well within domestic situations, but some are doing remarkably well. Perhaps this blog should discuss topics such as that rather than discussing problems. For now, and because I lack time to write a new article for this week, this article from last summer will be recycled.

Felton League

As mentioned last week, “Those who choose to live in unrealistic or unjustified fear seem to be rather deficient of common logic.” This is exacerbated by their ignorance of such deficiency, or worse, by their innate but unfounded belief that they are somehow more logical than others of the Community.

For example, many of those who choose to live in unrealistic or unjustified fear want all homeless encampments to be demolished without a plan for those who would be displaced by such demolition. They simply do not understand how important planning is, or that a lack of planning is contrary to the intended results of the unplanned demolition that they want.

No one wants homeless encampments within the Community. Those who inhabit such encampments, including the few who do not require domestic situations, would prefer more stable lifestyles. Neighbors understandably dislike the unsightliness. In some regions, the associated fire hazard…

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