Pioneers made America what it is now, and continue to do so. The first migrated from northeastern Asia many thousands of years ago. During the past several centuries, many more migrated from Europe. More migrated from Asia during the past few centuries. They all came for something better than what they had where they came from, although few knew what that entailed. Slaves from Africa had no choice about coming here, but their descendants eventually also participated in pursuit of legendary American opportunity.

Arrival was merely the beginning for earlier pioneers here. Many arrived with minimal resources. Many were unhoused when they arrived. They all needed to go somewhere. Many migrated west into regions that were inhabited by descendants of earlier pioneers. They built homes, farms, industries and towns as they went. This is how every American industry and city began. Actually, this is how every industry and every city in the World began at one time or another.

Everyone is a descendent of someone who lacked resources. Many are direct descendents of pioneers who arrived in America with nothing more than aspiration. Many actually are such pioneers. Many are direct descendents of slaves who were freed into an oppressively bigoted society, but were compelled to be circumstantial pioneers.

Many of our pioneer ancestors were unhoused as they migrated across America. Many were unhoused as they prospected for gold during the Gold Rush. Many were unhoused as they harvested timber from American forests.

Houselessness is a common theme within American history and culture. However, it has become less respectable over time. Ancient tribes that were formerly nomadic within America were considered to be uncivilized savages early within American history. Refugees of the Dust Bowl were shunned as they migrated mostly to California and Arizona. Even the formerly glamorized undomesticated lifestyles of traditional American cowboys who prefer a home on the range is now difficult for most to understand.

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