Where Are They Now?

Where have all the houseless people gone? There are noticeably fewer of them here now than there were only a few years ago. Some have gone nowhere, but are merely no longer houseless and prominently visible about town. Some have relocated in order to procure a domestic situation. For some, relocation is only temporary for employment. Many are doing remarkably well.

It has been several years since a lady who had lived in a camper here purchased a relatively luxurious home in Arizona, and then invited another friend to live there with her. It was a major change of lifestyle for both of them, but they adapted well, and now enjoy living there. The second friend to go would prefer to eventually return to Felton though. There’s no place like home.

A formerly houseless couple who had been living both here and Copperopolis procured a home in Copperopolis three or four years ago, and continues to visit friends here every few months. They have been to Colorado at least twice to visit another formerly local houseless gentleman who relocated there several years ago, in about 2012. He now lives with his daughter’s family.

In about 2013, another formerly local houseless couple purchased a comfortable home in Fremont. The camper they had previously inhabited stayed parked next to their garage for quite a while before they finally sent it to a recyclery. It was not easy. That old camper had been their home through some very difficult times, as well as some excellent times. ‘Home Sweet Home’.

Even without their names, their stories are gratifying. There are more like these, and there will continue to be more. If only there were more stories of houseless people finding homes than there are of people losing homes, until everyone lives in a home.

5 thoughts on “Where Are They Now?

  1. It would be more interesting if I could write about it in more detail. I should write about each one individually, if only I had time.


  2. It would be more uplifting if I could write more of what I would like to write about. You would be impressed by what some have accomplished.


  3. Reblogged this on Tony Tomeo and commented:

    Again, I am unable to write a new post for this week. I had a bit of time earlier today, but did something else with it instead. As I often mention, it may be a few months before I can resume writing. This recycled article is a bit outdated, but could be updated merely by the addition of about a year to the citations of dates. For example, “three or four years ago” would now be “four or five years ago”. Because of the CZU Fire, a few more are houseless now than only a year ago.


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