This blog is quickly exhausting options for reblogging. Yet, because of other obligations, I am still unable to write new articles. I was pleased to be informed that, except for the common news that we can read about elsewhere, there is not much to write about on the Facebook page of Felton League. Yes, less drama is a ‘good thing’.
The illustration of this reblogged article from last year shows where articles have been read. Darker color indicates more readers. I should have mentioned that last year.

Felton League

Why is someone in Ecuador reading
about us? What about France? Did they just come here expecting to
find information about Tom Felton who acted as Draco Malfoy of those
creepy Harry Potter movies? There is certainly no problem with anyone
reading what they want to on the internet. It just seems odd that
there are others outside our Community who take interest in us.

Do any of us know much, or anything at
all, about others like us in the Philippines? What about those in
Nigeria? Do we read about others like us in other regions of
California? How are they like us? How are they different? There are
many variables, such as culture, climate, resources and government.
Some may be in better situations than we are in. It is likely worse
for most.

Ironically, we become less interesting
as our situations improve. Those coming here for insight into…

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2 thoughts on “Audience

  1. It seems odd to me that cultures in which these topics are not often a concern are interested in reading about them. I suspect that some come to this bloom looking for something else.


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